Red dot design award 2015 winners list

red dot design award 2015 winners list

The laureates of 2014 and a selection of award-winning designs of previous years are available here. Journalists can request up to three winner lists of the 31 categories via, e-mail.

Red Dot awards granted: 1,240, honourable mention awards granted: 122, red Dot Gala: t. In the aalto-Theater in Essen. Special exhibition Design on Stage winners Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015: 30 June in the red Dot Design Museum Essen. Further information » Red Dot Award: Product Design » Red Dot, the assessment criteria of cream the jury. Degree of innovation, functionality, formal quality, ergonomics. Durability, symbolic and emotional content, product periphery, self-explanatory quality. Ecological compatibility, press contact, catharina hesse, communications Manager. Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, gelsenkirchener Str. Essen, germany, tel.: /presse » Download press release. On, the day of the red Dot Gala, the winners of the product design competition will be presented online.

red dot design award 2015 winners list
able to appoint an expert, experienced and high-profile jury that doesnt miss a beat. All those who are successful before this jury have invested a lot of time and understanding into the product submitted. They are completely deserving of their reward, which permits them to use the globally recognised seal of good design. The winners of the red Dot Award: Product Design can expect an extensive package of measures: They use the winner label as a marketing tool and are integrated in the international pr activities of Red Dot. The red Dot Design Museum Essen exhibits the award-winning products for at least one year, and the red Dot Design yearbook presents the years best designs. All of the products and their makers are also featured in the online presentation and in the red Dot 21 global design directory as well as in the red Dot App. The glamorous award ceremony for the red Dot Award: Product Design 2015 will take place on Monday, the laureates of the red Dot: Best of the best, which is the highest award in the competition, will be honoured during the gala in Essens Aalto-Theater. Afterwards, the guests and the prize-winners will celebrate together in the red Dot Design Museum in the midst of award-winning products at the legendary designers Night after-show party. The facts and figures of the red Dot Award: Product Design 2015. Entries: 4,928, red Dot: Best of the best awards granted: 81.

Red Dot, design, award : Red Dot, winners

Experienced Red Dot jury members also added their expertise, such as Malaysian-born star designer Datuk professor Jimmy Choo, german product design icon Professor Werner Aisslinger and tangerine founder Martin Darbyshire from the. The jury worked together to what rate each individual product according to functionality, degree of innovation, formal quality, ecological compatibility and other criteria. After the strict but fair selection process, around 3,500 products went away empty handed. The products participating in the competition originated from 56 countries in total, making them even more international than the jury. In order to respond to this years diversity in a professional manner, the number of product categories was increased. New categories such as Materials and surfaces and the new independent categories for Watches and Jewellery allowed for a discerning evaluation process. Professor Dr Peter Zec, founder and ceo of the red Dot Award: Innovation is not always visible with the naked eye.

About us red Dot Award: Design Concept

belgian award - winners, said Prof. Peter Zec, head of the design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen and initiator of the red dot design. participation and the illustrious list of winners, the award s prestige is also built upon the special privilege bestowed upon winners. highest quality of workmanship these strengths of our new ergo water line sealed the awarding of the prestigious 2015 Red Dot Award. The complete list of winners of Red Dot 2015, one of the most prestigious design and communication awards in the world, will. full list : Winners, myx Music Awards 2015. yg entertainment wins five awards in prestigious red Dot Design Awards.

red dot design award 2015 winners list

This part of the exhibition shows both the award-winning creative projects of Scholz friends, as well the people behind them. Framed by photos of the employees as children, one can get comfortable on the sofa and let the projects of the Orchestra of Ideas work their magic. Org/cd, press contact Red Dot Award: Achim Zolke, head of Corporate communications. Org/press » Download press release.

Winners of the interzum award : intelligent material design 2015 - jury of experts granted top award to just nine entries. Red, dot, award : Design, concept 2015 - major honour for best concept designers in Singapore. during the, red, dot, award : Design, concept 2014. 2015 's best design ideas and prototypes will emerge from a total of 31 concept. presenting the winners of the red dot award : communication design 2009 continues this tradition and aims to ensure that the awareness. On 24 October, this years winners will be honoured at the red Dot Gala in front of an international audience.

2016 Edison Award Winners - edison Awards - honoring

With the founding of an office in Stockholm in 2004, the Scandinavian market also opened. Only two years later, the agency had taken the number one spot in all creative rankings. Today, the agency group numbers more than 800 friends. Their persuasive campaigns, surprising punchlines and, above all, passion ensure that Scholz friends is one of the best-known creative companies in Europe. Awards ceremony in Berlin, on, mutabor, the red Dot: Agency of the year 2013, will hand over the challenge cup Stylus to the Orchestra of Ideas on the big stage of the konzerthaus bleken Berlin. Following the red Dot Gala, which 1,400 international guests are expected to attend, everyone whos anyone in design will party the night away at the legendary designers Night in Berlins e-werk. As seizoen always, the red Dot: Agency of the year exhibition will premiere here as well. In an exclusive area of the design on Stage winners exhibition, visitors are guests in Scholz friends living room.

red dot design award 2015 winners list

President's Environmental youth Award (peya) Winners

Scholz friends is geared towards perfect harmony and this also applies to communication. To continue the orchestral analogy, the Orchestra of Ideas conductor takes the lead across all channels, whether they be digital, classical advertising, public relations or design, right through to the company structure. Every brand has its own conductor within the agency to direct the instruments. Matthias Spaetgens, managing Director Creation Scholz friends, who, together with the berlin office, is largely responsible for the agencys success explains: The red Dot Award is one of the most recognised creative prizes in the entire economy. Receiving the title Agency of the year is a great honour. It shows that our name stands for peak creative performance across the board. Scholz friends was founded in Hamburg in 1981 by jürgen Scholz. In 2003, the agency established itself as Europes first owner-operated advertising network with offices in Dresden, berlin, düsseldorf, belgrade, skopje and Ljubljana.

7,096 projects entered, 569 Red Dot awards and 101 times Red Dot: Best of vitamin the best those are the milestones of the red Dot Award: Communication Design 2014. On 24 October, this years winners will be honoured at the red Dot Gala in front of an international audience. One agency in particular has a lot to celebrate this year: the Scholz friends Group receives the honorary title red Dot: Agency of the year 2014. Every year, the title red Dot: Agency of the year is conferred on an agency whose accomplishments are conclusively successful over the course of the competition. Among a host of communication agencies, the Scholz friends Group has succeeded in making an unmistakable name for itself. The creative companys slogans are known far beyond Germanys borders. At the same time, the brains behind the agencys different sites have managed to build up a client list that includes some of the worlds largest suppliers from the automotive, food and artisan sectors. Theres always a bright mind behind the campaigns of Scholz friends and this is why the distinction as Red Dot: Agency of the year 2014 is of outstanding merit, is what Professor Dr Peter Zec, founder and ceo of the red Dot Awards, has. The right line-up for every job.

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4,928 entries from 56 countries - 81 winners of top award Red Dot: Best of the best - Jury comprising 38 international experts - Winners communicate success - Official ceremony on The red Dot Award is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. To mark the occasion, a particularly beauty star-studded jury was engaged to judge the red Dot Award: Product Design 2015. In an evaluation process spanning several days, the team of experts awarded the sought-after seal of quality for good design, the red Dot, to 1,240 products. Only 81 entries were bestowed the honour of the top award, the red Dot: Best of the best, while 122 won an Honourable mention for a particularly well-executed aspect of design work. The anniversary-year Red Dot jury with its international members entered the judging with 38 design professionals from 25 countries. These included new members such as Danish fashion designer david Andersen, german materials expert Dr Sascha peters and Wen-long Chen, ceo of the taiwan Design Center. Together they discussed the 4,928 entries in situ.

Red dot design award 2015 winners list
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